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Wallet board game Review
Wallet board game Review


Year Published: 2017

In a hurry the leader of the mafia clan dropped his wallet. The players are rummaging through the contents of the wallet trying to find the right ID and get their hands on some cash and jewelry. Nobody wants to get caught with the wrong set of cards on their hands when the police come!

Key selling point:

  • Includes a real wallet that is part of the game: the players draw the cards from the wallet!
  • Compact and portable: all game components can be stored and transported in the wallet.
  • A fun, light-hearted party game with familiar characters.


  • 80 playing cards
  • 5 extra ID cards
  • 15 Special cards
  • 6 Hourglass cards
  • 37 Victory points tokens of different value (1, 2 and 3)
  • 7 coins
  • Game rules.
  • Playing Time: 15-30 min
  • Age: from 8 years
  • Players: 2-7


Author: Wilfried Fort, Marie Fort
Illustrator: Oksana Dmitrienko
Width: 23 cm
Height: 23 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Weight: 400 gr

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