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Year Published: 2021

After a massive storm MARI (the Mobile Autonomous Robotic Intelligence unit) "wakes up" on a robot factory where she's been made. Lightning damaged the factory's Control Center, and only MARI can rise to the challenge of fixing it.

Complete 40 unique levels of increasing complexity in this solo adventure across a crazy robot factory. Play one command at a time to create a sequence that will help MARI reach the exit to the next hall. Think ahead, clear obstacles, master new commands and tasks all the while moving forward. With your guidance MARI will get to the top floor of the factory and fix the CC!


Key selling point:

  • A solo-adventure rather than a regular brain-teaser: has story and a compelling main character
  • Game tutorials instead of customary rules
  • Multiple levels of different complexity: from elementary to extra-hard
  • Play solo or co-operate with your family or friends



  • 3 playing tokens
  • 11 action tiles
  • 20 double-sided level cards
  • 4 hints and solutions cards
  • 2 game rules cards
  • Playing Time: 5-30 min
  • Age: from 10 years
  • Players: 1-3


Publishing: Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd
Author: Johannes Krenner
Illustrator: Maxim Yurchenko
Width: 12.5 cm
Height: 17.5 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Weight: 200 gr

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