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Detecteam Family: Cheating Champions. Trailer in English

Detecteam Family: Cheating Champions

Year Published: 2021

Four athletes have finished the forest race at the same time. However, rumour has it that three of them cheated! The spectators are outraged and demand to know the true winner of the race.

Connect the cards with important information and piece the full picture just like a jigsaw puzzle. Get to the bottom of it in this stand-alone game from the Detecteam Family series!

Key selling point:

  • A cooperative investigation game designed for the family: find out who cheated during the race and why.
  • Learn about the story from different angles as you play, and decide if the information is useful to the investigation.
  • Sort out the information useful to the investigation from the testimonies of the different animals
  • Unusual game mechanic - complete the picture of the event as a puzzle of cards.


  • 44 cards

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  • Playing Time: 20-20 min
  • Age: from 8 years
  • Players: 2-4


Game series: Detecteam
Publishing: Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd
Author: Alexander Peshkov, Ekaterina Pluzhnikova
Illustrator: Ekaterina Izobova
Width: 9.6 cm
Height: 12.3 cm
Depth: 2.1 cm
Weight: 143 gr

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