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Please take a look at our catalogue where you will find board games from our publishing house.

Board game Artificium  


Players: 2-6   Age: 8+   Time: 20-60 min

Videoreview board game Artificium  Videoreview board game 

As a wise medieval ruler, you know that crafts are the key to a thriving city. The more your craftsmen work, the richer you become. Your task is to ensure that this process never stops, because all types of goods are inter-connected. Wheat has to be delivered to the mill so that foundry workers can enjoy freshly baked bread and cast the metal needed for the smith, which can then forge swords for the knights ...

The aim is to build efficient production chains and, if possible, hinder your opponents. Read more 

Board game Costa Ruana  

Costa Ruana

Players: 2-6   Age: 8+   Time: 20-60 min

Videoreview board game  Costa Ruana  Videoreview board game 

The natives of the Costa Ruana archipelago are extremely lucky! The local pirates have chosen their Islands as the most reliable place to hide their chests overflowing with gold and gemstones! Become a tribal chief, send your people to the Islands, obey the Shaman, outwit the other tribal chiefs and get your hands on as much treasure as you can!

Costa Ruana is a dynamic game with an active interaction between players. Your aim is to score the most points by having treasures in your hut and natives in your reserve at the end of the fifth round. Cards let you move treasures, place natives on islands, bring them home, or move them between islands. But you never know which cards will be played out during the current round unless you are a Shaman!

Read more 

Board game Eureka  


Players: 2-4   Age: 8+   Time: 10-15 min

No POINT in geometry, you say? You just have to look at it from a different ANGLE! Eureka is a unique board game that puts a different perspective on geometry learning has never been so much fun! Geometric figures? Go figure! In Eureka, race to find shapes that fit the description on the card in the center of the table. But watch out! Your opponents can steal cards from under your nose! Now youre all set! So think outside the box... or outside the CUBE, if you prefer! Your CIRCLE of friends is sure to love this game! Read more 

Board game Fruit mix  

Fruit mix

Players: 1-6   Age: 6+   Time: 10-20 min

Videoreview board game Fruit mix  Videoreview board game 

Do you find it hard to play memory games where you have to find two tiles or cards that match? Good news! Here you have to find two tiles that do not match to win the game. Read more 

Board game Giraffometer  


Players: 2-8   Age: 10+   Time: 30 min

Videoreview board game Giraffometer  Videoreview board game 

Have you ever tried to compare the speed of a raindrop with the weight of the worlds largest pumpkin or the number of rooms in Buckingham Palace?

In this fast-paced trivia game you dont need to know the right answer! In the world of amazing, astonishing and just plain funny facts that awaits you, just try to correctly guess which facts have the highest and lowest numbers! And may your Giraffometer never fail you! Read more 

Board game Lexit  


Players: 2-6   Age: 10+   Time: 30 min

Lexit is a word game with a twist! Dont bother looking for words on the cards you wont find any! Instead, turn the top card of the deck over and take a close look at the picture: everything that you see can be put into words. Easy, right? Now its time to change them up! Write these words down and turn them into other words using one, two or all three modifications available in this round. During the game, youll come across four modifications: add one letter, remove one letter, replace one letter and shuffle the letters. And remember: the longer the words are, the more points you get! Read more 

Board game Lost and found  

Lost and found

Players: 2-6   Age: 5+   Time: 10-15 min

Lost something? No worries! In this game you have to be quick and careful: memorize the images, flip the card and name the missing item before your opponent does it. Thanks to the various difficulty levels, parents and kids will both find LostnFound engaging. Read more 

Board game Macroscope  


Players: 2-6   Age: 6+   Time: 30 min

Youve never seen a device like this! Peek through this curious contraptions round holes at the image hidden inside. Can you tell a rhino from a pizza just from a few swirling lines? Take a good look at the partially revealed image, guess what it could be and score points if you are right! The fewer holes you need to open in order to recognize the image, the more points you get. The most perceptive player wins the game! Read more 

Board game Splash!  


Players: 2-8   Age: 6+   Time: 10-20 min

Videoreview board game Splash!  Videoreview board game Splash! 

Splash! has someone plopped into the water?

Wow! The tower has just collapsed, bringing one player a step closer to victory. But first you must build the tower piece by piece, matching either shape or color. The aim is to outwit your opponents by choosing pieces that make them topple the tower!

Splash! is a fast-paced, nail-biting dexterity game for 2-6 players. With this game youll find out that your fingers are nimbler than you thought! Read more 

Board game Tubyrinth  


Players: 1-6   Age: 8+   Time: 20 min

Whether youre building a pipeline in Ancient Egypt or in the far-off future, its always fun! The aim of this game is to connect the starting and the finishing point by laying down a complex network of pipes. Watch out for ancient artifacts and other obstacles and dont lose your way! Youll be astonished by this intricate maze! Read more 

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