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What do we do?

In a few words, we do everything that has to do with boardgames. And we do it very well!

Lifestyle is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in boardgames. Our vertically-integrated group of companies acts as a publisher, distributor and retailer, uniting all existing kinds of expertise in the field of boardgames. We develop our own games for world-wide markets. Our company has a growing distribution network in more than 20 countries. We localize the best boardgames and exclusively distribute many highly acclaimed boardgame brands in the Russian-speaking markets. In Russia we own a chain of specialized boardgame stores under the trade mark Igroved which delivers an outstanding boardgame experience to all our customers. Moreover, Igrved has become an important platform for the promotion of the boardgame culture in Russia with numerous open boardgame and charity events, collaboration with all kinds of private and social organizations that is aimed to increase the popularity of boardgames in Russia.

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We published our first game in Russia in 2007 and since then we licensed (from other publishers and authors) and put on the Russian-speaking markets more than 100 games, some of which are highlighted below. Through almost 10 years on the market our team acquired exceptional expertise in boardgames which helped us recently to successfully launch into international publishing with our original titles which we sell world-wide through the network of our distributors. Our games are already sold in more than 20 countries all around the world and its just the beginning!

Being a bit of perfectionists we carefully select the most interesting concepts from both Russian and international authors and develop them into beautiful and entertaining high quality boardgames for families and friends. We put special emphasis on the packaging and the market potential of each game since in our opinion the best game has to sell itself!

If you wish to propose your game or become our distributor, please email us at

To see the board games that we put out on international markets, take a look at our catalog!

5 crowns mini 6 nimmt! 7 wonders 7 wonders Duel Abalone Augustus Bellz! Blue Lion Poules renards viperes Bohnanza Bohnaparte Bohnanza Bohnanza high bohn BraveRats Burg appenzell Chabyrinthe Cobra Cubes Cobra twist Coloretto Concept Crossroads
S-files Declic!? Dixit Dixit 2 Dixit 3 Dixit 4 Dixit 5 Dixit 6 Dixit Jinx Dixit Odyssey Dobble Forbidden Desert Forbidden Island Fun farm Funny farm Fzzzt! Galapa Go! Geistesblitz Geistesblitz 2 Geistesblitz 5 vor 12
Gespensterturm Gifttrap Gobbit GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck Halli Galli Hanabi Hedgehog escape Hop and Hooey Interlock Iota Jungle speed Jungle Speed Extension Jungle speed safari Mini Jungle speed dark Mini Jungle speed silver Karma mini Katamino Kerflip Kuddelmuddel Pick-a-dog
Pick-a-pig The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet Loony Quest Loopin Louie Loot Lost temple Lucky cake Mamma mia! Manifold Medieval academy Mondo Moose in the house Nada Nicht die Bohne! Okiya Once There Was... Ouga Bouga Outfoxed Outta gas Pandemic
Pandemic Legacy Pandemic on the brink Panic lab Pharaoh-code Photo-party Pictomania Pig 10 Pingi pongo Poules renards viperes Quoridor Quoridor kid Rat-a-tat Cat Rythme and Boulet Saboteur Say cheese Schau mal Set Set Junior Sleeping queens Speech
Speed cups Speed cups 2 Speed Cups Fan-Edition Statues Sultans of Karaya Surprises Sushi go! Teddy Bears Count Thematik Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 4 Timeline Russian Tokyo Train The Big Fat Tomato Game Turn the tide Tuts tablet Utopia Zeus on the loose        


Our main focus is distribution of the best boardgames in Russian-speaking countries and our main markets are Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. As a boadgame distributor in these markets, we probably have the widest selection of world-renowned brands in our portfolio. Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd. (the core company of Lifestyle Group) is an exclusive distributor of top brands like Amigo Spiel, Asmodee, Blue Orange, Brain Games, Cocktail Games, Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne, GameWorks, Gigamic, Hurrican, Logis, Matagot, Noris Spiele, Popular Playthings, Professor Puzzle, Zoch. We also distribute Magic The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast. Apart from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, we also sell games to Ukraine by means of sub-distribution.

Please download the full catalogue to learn more about products we represent on the Russian-speaking markets.

If you have some great board games and you are looking for a publishing or distribution partner in Russia or you are a retailer looking for a boardgames supplier, please email us at

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Retail sale of boardgames

We have our own chain of specialized boardgames stores called ( Most of the games in our retail stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are available for live demonstration with our experienced and friendly staff, ready to explain anything you want to know about boardgames! Our on-line store delivers games all over the Russia and holds extensive array of information on the boardgames we sell including rules, articles, video-reviews, numerous answers to players questions, etc. Igroved is more than just a store we organize open gaming events and take part in charity events. provide games for anti-cafes, restaurants, schools and other organizations.

Igroved - this is 8 retail stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg   Igroved - this is 8 retail stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg   Igroved - this is 8 retail stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg   Board game event in Moscow  

About us

Established in 2005 our company dived into the boardgames world in 2006 and since then has grown into one of the leaders on the Russian board game market. Today Lifestyle Group is a vertically integrated group of privately owned companies that cover all activities concerning boardgames from game development and publishing to distribution and retail trade (including a fully owned chain of specialized stores). Created by two friends (who are still in charge :-) ), Lifestyle is a team of more than 120 people. But no matter how fast we grow, our focus and passion always remains the same the best boardgames for families and friends! We are not only board games experts but true boardgame fans at heart. Our mission is to select, develop, localize and deliver to our clients and partners only the boardgames that we believe are both entertaining and clever, game that bring people together around one table and make them play, talk, laugh and think together. We started this company to supply our friends with games. Providing our partners and clients with friendly and helpful service remains the cornerstone of our work.

Our team: general director Alexander Peshkov   Our team: chief editor Olga Volkova   Our team: purchasing and import manager Evgeniy Chernega   Our team: international sales Artem Baranov   Our team: marketing director Ekaterina Permyakova      
Our team: vice director Ekaterina Pluzhnikova   Our team: commercial director Ekaterina Ryabova   Our team: marketing designer Alexey Kashaev   Our team: Polina Basalaeva   Our team: designer Anastasia Voropina   Our team: international Nikolay Malishev  
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