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Year Published: 2016

Whether you’re building a pipeline in Ancient Egypt or in the far-off future, it’s always fun! The aim of this game is to connect the starting and the finishing point by laying down a complex network of pipes. Watch out for ancient artifacts and other obstacles — and don’t lose your way! You’ll be astonished by this intricate maze!

Key selling point:

  • Popular video game concept adapted into a board game.
  • Easy-to-grasp game mechanics, nice points system which rewards even non-winning players.
  • Great value for its money: 84 playing fields (42 double-sided boards), each can be solved in 3 different ways - in total 240 solutions to find!


  • 42 double-sided tubyrinth boards.
  • 42 pipe tiles (6 sets of 7 pipe tiles).
  • 6 water meters.
  • Game rules.
  • Playing Time: 20-30 min
  • Age: from 8 years
  • Players: 1-6


Author: Martin Nedergaard Andersen
Illustrator: Oksana Dmitrienko
Width: 23 cm
Height: 7 cm
Depth: 23 cm
Weight: 828 gr

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