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Time Capsules

Year Published: 2021

Traces of an alien civilization were found on a remote planet. Yet the planet is empty, left by its masters. The only things they left were the giant capsules, capable of travelling to the past, and skipping back through time to us. As representatives of future mega-corporations, you will have to take control of the capsules and enter a Gold Rush of the new era: the hunt for the relics of a long gone civilization.

Send the capsules to the distant past, find everything you can use, and exploit newfound abilities to acquire more miraculous devices and technologies. But beware – greed may lead you to tear the very fabric of space-time, putting in danger yourself and, possibly, all humanity.

Time Capsules is a pool building game where you can use multiple types of components to build your strategy. All thanks to the capsules! Artifacts, bioobjects and computers all have different mechanics, and you will have to combine their powers to win the race for alien technologies.


  • 16 time capsules
  • 4 bags
  • 120 tiles
  • 39 cards
  • 26 dice
  • 160 tokens
  • 40 crystals
  • 4 pawns round marker
  • VP track
  • 4 player mats
  • Game rules
  • Playing Time: 60-90 min
  • Age: from 12 years
  • Players: 1-4


Publishing: Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd
Author: Yaroslav Kustov
Illustrator: Maxim Suleimanov, Roman Kelip, Stijn Windig
Width: 31 cm
Height: 31 cm
Depth: 10.5 cm

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