Boardgames publishing and distribution


Our main focus is distribution of the best boardgames in Russian-speaking countries and our main markets are Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. As a boadgame distributor in these markets, we probably have the widest selection of world-renowned brands in our portfolio. Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd. (the core company of Lifestyle Group) is an exclusive distributor of top brands like Amigo SpielAsmodeeBlue OrangeCocktail GamesGameWorksGigamicHurricanLogisNoris SpielePopular PlaythingsProfessor Puzzle, RummikubZoch. We also distribute games from Brain Games and Philos. Apart from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, we also sell games to Ukraine by means of sub-distribution.

Please download the full catalogue to learn more about products we represent on the Russian-speaking markets.

If you have some great board games and you are looking for a publishing or distribution partner in Russia or you are a retailer looking for a boardgames supplier, please email us at

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