Boardgames publishing and distribution


What do we do?


In a few words, we do everything that has to do with boardgames. And we do it very well!

Lifestyle Boardgames is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in boardgames. Our vertically-integrated group of companies acts as a publisher, manufacturer, distributor and retailer, uniting all existing kinds of expertise in the field of boardgames. 

Our company has a growing distribution network in more than 40 countries. We localize the best games and exclusively distribute many highly acclaimed boardgame brands in the Russian-speaking markets. In Russia we own a chain of specialized boardgame stores under the trade mark Igroved which delivers an outstanding boardgame experience to all our customers. Moreover, Igrоved has become an important platform for the promotion of the boardgame culture in Russia with numerous open boardgame and charity events, collaboration with all kinds of private and social organizations that is aimed to increase the popularity of boardgames in Russia.


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